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Our company mainly invests in both alternative and traditional investments and also private equity projects. Our company advises on clients' portfolio allocation and acts as a significant co-investor.

Optimum's extensive experience and relationships in the alternative asset market gives the Company a competitive advantage, accessing the best managers and securing allocation of scarce capacity at a competitive cost.

Investment Philosophy
We aim to deliver consistent capital growth implementing a strategy of diversification to control the level of risk and downside protection. Optimum has achieved this objective through the use of "absolute return" investment strategies, complementing traditional instruments with real economy asset classes and opportunities.

Investment Strategy
No single manager can shine in all investment areas. This is the reason why we offer our clients well diversified investment portfolios shaped by the expertise of the world's top managers. These managers invest in a range of assets, financial securities, diversified capital markets, geographical areas and sectors, capturing returns through their individual skills and expertise.